A National Program

MissionCBBEP is one of 28 areas in the National Estuary Program, established by U.S. Congress in 1987. CBBEP joined in 1994, and the Bays Plan received state approval in 1999.

The Program originally started as a federal and state agency effort during the planning phase. However, participants wanted to localize and take ownership of the Program moving forward into the Bays Plan implementation. Hence, the creation of a non-profit organization led by a local Board of Directors.

The CBBEP is a non-regulatory, voluntary partnership effort working with industry, environmental groups, bay users, local governments and resource managers to improve the health of the bay system. Public participation by individuals and organizations is encouraged.

A mix of local governments, private industry, state (TCEQ), and federal (USEPA) agencies provide program funding. The Program also seeks private grants and additional governmental funding.