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Publication Title
Publication Titles that are underlined can be printed. Due to the size of the publications, some may take several minutes to load.
Publication Date Project Number Publication Number
A Long-Term Seagrass Monitoring Program for Corpus Christi Bay and Upper Laguna Madre June 2018 1610 CBBEP – 121
Identifying Diamondback Terrapin Nesting Habitat in the Mission-Aransas Estuary 2017 September 2017 1720 CBBEP – 117
Nueces Bay Marsh Restoration – Post Construction Assessment March 2016 1622 CBBEP – 108
A Long-term Seagrass Monitoring Program for Corpus Christi Bay and Upper Laguna Madre January 2016 1510 CBBEP – 105
A Long-term Seagrass Monitoring Program for the Upper Laguna Madre and Corpus Christi Bay January 2015 1429 CBBEP-99
Ecosystem Based Approach to Assess Black Drum January 2015 1421 CBBEP – 98
San Antonio Bay Rookery Island Management Plan January 2015 1403 CBBEP – 97
Protecting Important Shorebird Habitat using Piping Plovers as an Indicator Species September 2014 CBBEP – 96
Habitat Conservation and Coastal Public Access Plan for the San Antonio Bay System January 2014 1224 CBBEP-90
Habitat Atlas
August 2012
Inventory of Conservation, Restoration and Protection Sites: San Antonio Bay System – Phase II(kmz file)
August 2012
Assessment of Seagrass Habitat Quality and Plant Physiological Conditions in South Texas Waters
July 2012
CBBEP – 80
Indian Point Shoreline Protection Feasibility Study

June 2012


Preliminary Inventory of Conservation, Restoration, and Protection Sites: San Antonio Bay System

August 2011


CBBEP – 74
Portland Causeway Marsh Restoration –
Preconstruction Assessment

March 2010


CBBEP – 63
Status and Trends of Inland Wetland and Aquatic Habitats in the Corpus Christi Area

March 2008


CBBEP – 55
Status and Trends of Wetland and Aquatic Habitats on Texas Barrier Islands Coastal Bend

March 2006

Identify Potential Habitat Restoration & Enhancement Sites

October 2003


CBBEP – 49
Potential Sites for Wetland Restoration, Enhancement, and Creation: Corpus Christi/Nueces Bay Area – 170 pages July 1997
Identification of Tidal Flat Alterations and Detemination of Effects on Biological productivity and Functioning of These Habitats – 210 pages May 1998
Current Status and Trends of Selected Estuarine and Coastal Habitats within the CCBNEP Study Area – Hard Copy Available – E-mail July 1998
Riparian Habitat Corridor Characterization In The Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program Area – CD Available – E-mail
September 2002


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