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Publication Title
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Publication Date Project Number Publication Number
Modeling Hydrodynamic Fluxes in the Nueces River Delta

October 2011

CBBEP – 75
Nueces Estuary Ecosystem Management Initiative

January 2009


CBBEP – 72
Observation Data Model (ODM) For Rincon Bayou, Nueces Delta

January 2009


CBBEP – 71
Regional Monitoring System –
Hard Copy Available – E-mail
August 1998 CCBNEP-28
Processes and Trends of Circulation within the CCBNEP Study Area November 1997 CCBNEP-21
Effects of Structures and Practices on the Circulation and Salinity Patterns of the Corpus Christi Bay National Estuary Program Study Area
Part 1: TxBlend Model and Model Calibration – 70 pages
Part 2: Model Calibration (continued) and Case Studies – 48 pages
Part 3: Case Studies (continued) and Conclusion – 53 pages
October 1997 CCBNEP-19
Selected Recreational Values of the CCBNEP Study Area – 67 pages September 1997 CCBNEP-18
Economic Impacts on Regional and State Economies of Human Uses of the Coastal Resources of the CCBNEP Study Area – 62 pages August 1997 CCBNEP-16
Fiscal Year 1998 Annual Work Plan – Hard Copy Available – E-mail June 1997 CCBNEP-14
Fiscal Year 1997 Annual Work Plan – Hard Copy Available – E-mail
Feb 1996 CCBNEP-10
An Inventory and Analysis of Bay Management Structure for the CCBNEP Study Area – 219 pages Feb 1996 CCBNEP-09
A Conceptual Ecosystem Model of the CCBNEP Study Area – 125 pages Jan 1996
Fiscal Year 1996 Annual Work Plan – E-mail
Oct 1995
All Conference Workshop – Hard Copy Available – E-mail Feb 1995
Fiscal Year 1995 Annual Work Plan – Hard Copy Available – E-mail August 1994
Management Conference Agreement – Hard Copy Available – E-mail June 1994
Coastal Bend Bays Plan / Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP)
This primary planning document is a four-year, community-based, consensus-building effort that identifies problems facing the bay system, and to develop a long-term comprehensive conservation and management plan. Click here to find out how the Bays Plan complements and coordinates existing resource management programs and plans ( 87 page .pdf file).
CCMP Implementation Review – This document highlights the successes and challenges experienced by the Program staff and Management Conference for fiscal years 1999, 2000, & 2001. Click here to find out more(122 page .pdf file).
Case Study of EPA Fund Leveraging in the Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program – Find out how the CBBEP leveraged $1.13 million of funding from the US EPA to obtain nearly $9 million in additional funds. Click here for all the details(46 page .pdf file).
The Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program Economic Profile characterizes the regional economy for the Texas Coastal Bend. This informative document includes data on the output and employment of businesses, and the employment and incomes of workers in the Coastal Bend. Click here to review this important information.
Bay Summit Notebook – Hard Copy Available – E-mail