land conservation & stewardship program

CBBEP’s Land Conservation Program is working with partners to conserve valuable habitats within the Coastal Bend. To date, CBBEP has conserved close to 13,000 acres, and we manage these lands responsibly and sustainability for the long-term benefit of both wildlife and people.

coastal bird program

CBBEP’s Coastal Bird Program works to conserve coastal birds and their habitats, identifying and addressing conservation needs through on-the-ground management actions, research, and education and outreach. We bring innovative management, diversified partnerships, and science-based decision-making to bird conservation in the Coastal Bend.

environmental education

CBBEP created the Delta Discovery Program to provide opportunities for classrooms and families to connect with nature, and to plant the seeds of stewardship in individuals whose decisions affect our estuaries. We provide field trips for thousands of students each year, train teachers on how to connect classrooms to outdoor experiences, and allow families to discover the estuary in their own backyard.