The Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program spends considerable effort in land management, on coastal waterbird issues and at our Nueces Delta Preserve. Along with education, research, monitoring and habitat restoration projects, these programs make up the priorities for the CBBEP.

Our land management efforts recognize that coastal lands are disappearing and being developed. Keeping habitat is the first step of any habitat protection plan, and CBBEP’s efforts range from land easements to partnerships required under mitigation plans.

The Nueces Delta Preserve, a 8,500-acre property near Odem, is the highlight of CBBEP’s land management efforts. The preserve provides a variety of habitats that will be protected from development. On the land, we are able to expand our education offerings, hosting field trips and teacher workshops. We also house various research and monitoring efforts, including sustained freshwater inflows.

Our Coastal Waterbird Program does more than keep track of waterbird populations. Our staff serves as advocates for these birds, monitoring their numbers, their habitats and protects their nesting and feeding grounds. Activities range from building nesting platforms for Great Blue Herons, to tracking the travels of the Red Knot.