The Land Conservation & Stewardship Program works towards conservation of Coastal Bend habitats for future generations.

A diversity of tidally-influenced habitats are found within and adjacent to Coastal Bend bays and estuaries. These habitats and their populations of plants and animals provide important ecological services, and are one of the most important sources of economic activity in the region, supporting commercial fisheries, energy production, commerce, recreation, and community resiliency from storm surges. Despite their value, these coastal habitats are stressed and at risk.


CBBEP has identified land acquisition as a great first step towards conserving at risk lands. Since starting on land acquisition efforts in 2002, we have worked to acquire either fee simple title or conservation easements for more than 12,000 acres of freshwater marsh, forested wetlands, mudflats, riparian corridors, and native upland habitat for conservation management. 

nueces delta preserve

The highlight of CBBEP’s land conservation and management efforts is the  Nueces Delta Preserve, a 10,500 acre property near Odem that not only protects a variety of habitats from future development, but serves as a home for our  educational program, and is the site for various monitoring and freshwater inflow projects, as well as wildlife and habitat restoration projects.